Cosa succede davvero in Grecia

Qualche giorno fa ricevo questa email -non indirizzata a me personalmente- grazie ad alcuni contatti personali. E’ scritta da un ricercatore greco ad un suo collega italiano, che ovviamente pubblico cancellando ogni riferimento personale.

Non credo ci sia bisogno di ulteriori commenti.

Dear [nome destinatario],

I am writing to share with you some personal decisions I have currently made about myself and my family’s future. Unfortunately, situation in Greece keeps evolving in the worst possible way, the political and financial instability leaves absolutely no room to people that wish to invest and develop a career in this country. Therefore I have arrived at the point at which my sentimental bonds and my desire to live in this country are weaker than my desire to secure the future of my family. Together with [nome della moglie] we have decided that we are ready to move abroad conditionally that a good job opportunity appears (she will abandon her job therefore my salary must be adequate to sustain the whole family). It is not going to be easy to satisfy the condition but we have both decided that we ought to try….Thankfully I have secured funding for another 2 yrs which buys me some time for job searching…and as you know I am still seeking ways to develop here.

Cosa succede davvero in Grecia